Why Bennett International Transport?

When selecting a transportation supplier for a specific lane of traffic or for your entire supply chain, make sure to ask why? Why should you choose a particular vendor over another? The answer is confidence.

Bennett confidence is reflected in our:

  • Dedicated professionals, many of whom have been with the company for decades
  • Financial strength and stability
  • Investment in assets to better serve customers needs
  • Core Values that guide us in service to our customers, our vendors, our community, and our people

Why BIT?

Bennett’s true strength is the ability to handle cargo from all market sectors. We have the capacity to deliver goods down the street or around the world. Vehicles to move? Bennett’s Drive Away team with more than 900 contractors will arrive on site. Air cargo to Dubai? Bennett can deliver your cargo to market safely and on-time from locations across the globe.

Oversize cargo or project freight to move? Again, one call puts Bennett and its assets at your door. Storage required? Modular buildings to move? With more than 3,000 agents, employees and contractors working for you, Bennett has the experience, staff and equipment to meet your needs. We are Bennett!

Why BIT?